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 Report: sources with citation frequency, ordered by sources

         Description: sources with citation frequency, ordered by sources

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# SourceNr Title ShortTitle Author Publisher Comments Number
201 S27828  the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture         
202 S27831  Chilowie Virginia area historian Lawrence Richardson 2005 276-783-5824         
203 S27906  Sherrie Frances Johns White and Robin White her daugter in emails 2003 from Fort Worth Tx         
204 S27940  Life and Times of Andrew Jackson, by A.S. Colyar         
205 S27977  rc Nicholson 5/3/2003 http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/message/rw/localities.northam.usa.states.kentucky.counties.pulaski/4795.1.1         
206 S27981  email from Audrey Lamothe mimilamothe@kih.net 3/2/2006         
207 S28007  Jean Grumbling http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=jcgrumbling4          104 
208 S28427  http://www.ericjames.org/html/fam/fam05441.htm Eric James         
209 S28458  Sherry Miller Sherr5775@aol.com granddaughter of Lela Colyer 6/25/2004         
210 S30416  http://www.rootsweb.com/~kypulask/births/birthsb.html         
211 S30428  Audrey LaMothe http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=localities.northam.usa.states.kentucky.counties.pulaski&m=3641.1.1.1          12 
212 S30540  Sam Colyer fAmily bible         
213 S30689  Tom Colyer PO Box 445, Hubbardston MA email 4/3/05 gg grandsond of Richard Colyer         
214 S31366  proceedings of the bar association of TN 1909         
215 S31557  Judge David Cohn 2004 email         
216 S31577  email from Deborah Cohn Clayton 6/21/04          71 
217 S31692  Joseph Ballou, 1239 Ormsby Court, Louisville, KY 1953: cited in Lafayette TN Smith County TN newspaper column by Cal Smith Oct 1, 1953          36 
218 S31970  StClaire.FTW          86 
219 S31971  Christina Elisabeth Campos [ccampos916@gmail.com]  Christina Elisabeth Campos       
220 S31972  Welby Colyer M.D. letter  Welby Colyer letter  Welby Colyer  private letter   
221 S31973  Dorothy Trammell email 11/02/08  Dorothy Trammell  Dorothy Trammell     
222 S31974  Shelley Strangeland-Miller ggg granddaughter of John Wesley Colyer  Shelley Strangeland-Miller        23 
223 S31975  Civil War Pension applicaton Mary Lowman Colyer wife of John Wesley Colyer  Civil War Pension applicaton Mary Lowman Colyer wife of John Wesley Colyer       
224 S31976    marklouiswilder@hotmail.com 09/04/09        10 
225 S31977  Cindy Barker cbarkera20@newwavecomm.net  Cindy Barker        14 
226 S31978    Missouri 1840 census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services    http://www.usgennet.org/usa/topic/colonial/census/1840/1840mo.html   
227 S31979    David Cohn (grandson) and Forest Lawn Cemetery Omaha       
228 S31980  Bethany Noel Smith email 2010  Bethany Noel Smith       
229 S31981  Edith Colyer Curtis handwritten notes and DAR application  Edith Colyer Curtis       
230 S31982  John Charles Austin ("Jack"), son of Jackson K. Austin and Phyllis McFarland Austin  John Charles Austin ("Jack"), son of Jackson K. Austin and Phyllis McFarland Austin       
231 S31983  John Parsons emails, reproduced research found on http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=all-my-relations&id=I00793  John Parsons who lived in Tullahoma TN        20 
232 S31984    Keith Schaal PO Box 327 Virginia City, NV 89440 email correspondence 2011       
233 S31985    http://www.ericjames.org        10 
234 S31986    Howard Botkin personal family files circa 1965       
235 S31987  Janet Claunch interview  Janet Avera Claunch       
236 S31988  email correspondence 7/17/12 Cindy Colyer Battson  Cindy Colyer Battson       
237 S31989  Diane (Colyer) Allen dallen63@cinci.rr.com 9/12/12  Diane (Colyer) Allen       
238 S31990  findagrave.com  findagrave.com        20 
239 S31991    Patricia Johnston Treadwell, "Sears Family," ( Dunlap TN). ABBRTreadwell, Patricia Johnston mrwonderful@bledsoe.net       
240 S31992    Dolly Colyer (wife of Paris Colyer) Bronston Ky descendant of John Colyer born 1815        42 
241 S31993  Bill Roberts letter dated 1986 in possession of Dolly Colyer of Bronston KY  Bill Roberts, Bloomington IN (ggg grandson of Manerva Colyer dauther of John Colyer 1781)       
242 S31994  Morgan Colyer  morgancolyer@aol.com       
243 S31995  April 15, 1910 edition Somerset Republican Newspaper  Somerset Republican newspaper       
244 S31996  Tammy Ballou-Fox, grand daughter of Earl Ballou  Tammy Ballou-Fox       
245 S31997  Pat Hatchel , phatchel@yahoo.com  Pat Hatchel       
246 S31998  Jamie Dugger and his mother Linda Dugger personal files and interviews  Jamie Dugger / Linda Dugger personal files ancestry       
247 S31999    Ancestry.com: Lewis Family Tree by Bev1952       
248 S32000    ancestry.com: JimMeece       
249 S32001  Angifaye Colyer Singleton of Burnside Ky via facebook messenger  Angifaye Colyer Singleton  Angifaye Colyer Singleton     
250 S32002  Mrs. Verda Mae Hughes, Ruth Ky personal files  Mrs. Verda Mae Hughes, Ruth Ky personal files       

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