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1 homestead of John Colyer  The original John Colyer farm was located at what is currently highway 192 at Pittman creek. Here is picture of a house that might be of one standing where original homestead of John Colyer stood according to Elaine Avera. The ancient photograph may be the same house as it existed when the John Colyer family lived there. The photo was found in the home of Ray Colyer , Frankfort KY in 2005. You will note that it is an ancient photo (mid to late 1800ís) that had an artistís enhancements such as charcoal/water color touch ups and colorization applied. I traced the deed of the John Colyer property located on current hwy 192 Somerset Ky at the Pulaski County courthouse to a deed located on this site in documents, wherein it proves that the property located at hwy 192 at Pitman Creek is in fact the home place of John Colyer Sr. John Colyer bought the majority if not all the property from a Langdon family by deed in 1842. It is believed the house was built in 1805 (date determined by scientific tree ring dating dendrochronology report). The property was sold by the heirs of John Colyer in September 1865 to Andrew Warren per deed on this site. Per hand notes of Edith Colyer Curtis, a slave cemetery stood 1/4 mile up hill on same side of street as this house. According to Kentucky Place Names publ 1988 Univ Ky Press Robert Rennick, The first post office at this area was established by Mathew Warren July 1888 and called Juno. It was closed 1896. In 1908, a local shopkeeper named Rufe Ashurst reopened it naming it for daughter Ruth, with Mathew Warren again becoming postmaster in 1916. Rufe Ashurst's wife, Ms. Cox, is buried in Soule's Chapel Cemetery per boyscout inventory project of cemetery. Rufe Ashurst was the city of Somerset Engineer per Mar 20 1906 Interior Journal newspaper. He also acted as land agent.

The old photo original has written on back "Colyer, 2109 Ross Ave."
After internet search it was determined that there is not a ross avenue currently in somerset ky. There is however a 2109 ross ave. in fort worth texas. Could this have been where Sam Colyer lived in 1910 ? It is known from family history stories that Sam lived in Ft. Worth for a while and then came back to Somerset after his dad died at the request of his mother.

Maps of Ft. Worth today show this address 2109 Ross Ave. near 21st street in Ft Worth. Search of familysearch.org shows 1910 census of Ft. Worth with Sam Collier and wife Leona and daughter Ruby in the 12th ward. They show Sam as 25 years old, wife as 23 years old daughter Ruby 3 years old.

It was determined that it appears that 2109 Ross Ave, currently one block off 21st St. is in the 12th ward.

THEREFORE, I CONCLUDE THE OLD HOUSE PHOTO BELONGED TO SAM COLYER FAMILY AND THEY HAD WRITTEN THEIR FT. WORTH ADDRESS ON THE BACK OF THE PHOTO WHEN LIVING THERE IN FT. WORTH TEXAS. The foundation, concrete porch and other architecture makes for a conclusion that the picture is NOT of the Sam Colyer residence in Ft Worth Texas. My guess is that a frame shop wrote the Colyer name and Texas address on the back to know whom it belonged once framed. Reviewing the city directory of Ft. Worth TX from 1908 reveals that Sam Colyer lived at 2109 Ross Ave. Google street view of 2109 Ross Ave shows a large 2 story house there today. This could be house from 1908. City directory appears to show two residents at that address and other notations indicating that possibly two families rented the large two story house at 2109 Ross Ave. Conclusion: the old picture of house is not that of 2109 Ross Ave, therefore must have been notation re owner of picture Sam Colyer to identify.

Based on excavation during renovation, it is thought that the 3 foot high enclosed area to left of porch was the water well next to kitchen.

Tax records on this page show that the property first appeared in 1805 to Henry Waggoner. Dendroarchaelogical reports on this page show logs were cut therefore built in 1805. Deed on this page dated 1813 sale from Henry Waggoner to John Langdon 1813. Tax records 1814 show John Langdon. Based on recent restoration work, and expert advise from Mark Bowe of Greenbriar WV observation, that the house faced the creek when built based on ceiling rafter direction. That the fireplace in this picture was originally a back door. There are two covered 2nd story windows on this fireplace wall in the log structure, which would have been back windows. The original fireplaces would have been on the right and left side of the main structure. The roof would likely have been on the structure the opposite direction to this picture. Based on this and examination during restoration, it is concluded that when John Colyer purchased the home in 1842, a major remodel was done to accomodate his large family. At that time the roof direction was reversed and the side fireplaces removed to accomodate the addition to the right in this picture of the dormitory and on the left of this picture of the summer kitchen and dogtrot. The 1842 remodel also would have put the chimney in the back door as seen in this picture. It is thought at this time the staircase in the home was moved to current location. At his time, the chimney holes on either side were likely enlarged to accommodate the addition of the dog trot/kitchen and side dormitory building. There were other major remodels done to the house in 1865-1900 when the Warren family purchased the home. The ceilings were raised from pioneer era 7 foot level and interior log walls were covered with paneling. 
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